Subscription Process

The Subscription Model


SectorServe offer SchoolsOnline system for based on subscription model. There are four subscription plans - Bronze, Silver, Regular & Gold. Review our subscription plans; contact us at  or complete our Join Us form


List of Features

Role Based Access Management | Master Data Management | Student Registration & Tracking | Teacher Tracking | School Fees Tracking | Attendance Tracking | Homework/Assignments Management | Report Cards/Gradebook | Automated Scheduling | Lesson Plans Management | Online Inquiries | eLibrary | Parental Portal | Incident / Discipline Tracking | Extracurricular Activities Tracking | Alumni Tracking


Subscribing school will be expected to meet the prerequisites for running the application as well as complete an expression of interest form and pay a commitment fee of N50,000.00. This represents an advance payment pending completion of the implementation.

The prerequisites for the implementation are as follows:

  • Internet Access;
  • At least one or two computers with minimum of Microsoft XP operating system (Multiple computers ideally, with each computer having internet access. However, if only one computer is available this will be good enough for a start);
  • Recognised Internet browser on each computer with minimum of Internet Explorer 6; other recognised browsers are also supported e.g. Google Chrome.

Project Initiation

  • Prior to commencement of the pilot, you will be expected to complete an expression of interest form providing general information about your school and acknowledging the terms of the pilot scheme;
  • Upon receipt of the completed Expression of Interest form, SectorServe will organise a project initiation meeting;
  • We will produce a project initiation document (PID) and project plan to be agreed by your school. These documents would be signed-off by both parties (SectorServe & Participating School);
  • A configuration and data migration template would be provided by SectorServe during the project initiation meeting. The school will be expected to populate the templates with data to facilitate the configuration of the application for your schools’ use. Strict deadlines will be agreed with respect to dates the data should be made available to SectorServe.

Project Implementation

  • SectorServe will then proceed to deploy the application based on receipt of completed configuration and data migration templates;
  • Status reports would be provided by SectorServe during the implementation process which typically takes between one or two weeks;
  • Subscribing schools will take responsibility for their data by verifying the uploaded data and signing-off their correctness before the system can be set live for usage;
  • SectorServe will liaise with subscribing schools to facilitate train-the-trainer training;
  • Another round of testing and validation will be carried out by your school after the training and a sign-off provided. This will be the User Acceptance testing (UAT) for the project. 

Post Implementation

  • Upon UAT sign-off the system will become available for use by your school. A broadcast email can be sent from the application to registered students, teachers and parents;
  • We will agree timelines for periodic feedback on usage (preferably weekly);
  • We will provide you with a success story feedback template to complete as well as request for testimonials and your authorisation to use the same in our marketing materials or efforts.
Success Stories

Over 10 schools implemented. Contact us via email: or phone: 0816 491 3557; 0803 531 6370 for references.