Application Features

Summary of Application Features

  • Summary of features

    • Content Management Website: Content management capable website;
    • Role-Based Access Control: User-defined security on a need-to-know & need-to-do basis;
    • Master Data Management: Create school basic info; create classes & classrooms, venue, subjects etc;
    • Online Inquiries Management: Typical 'contact us' but with workflow & status tracking;
    • Students Registration & Tracking: Updating with tracking of grades, discipline & assignments; 
    • Teachers Registration & Tracking: updating with lesson schedules in dairy along with reminders;
    • Fee Administration: Fee assignment with frequency, reminders, invoicing and payment processing;
    • Scheduling: Lesson scheduling to generate time-table along with reminders;
    • Lesson Plans: Lesson objective, lecture notes, reference materials to aid preparation by students;
    • Assignment Management: Online assignment posting & submission with due date tracking;
    • Grade Book with Workflow: Grading with workflow & assessment categories (test, exam etc);
    • Report Cards: Automatic aggregation of grading for each assessment category into a report card;
    • Parent's Portal: Parent's access to student's academic, disciplinary & extra-curricular activity records;
    • Discipline Management & Tracking with incident reporting, status tracking & completion updating;
    • Extra-Curricular Tracking of performance in extra-curricular activities including sports;
    • Alumni Tracking will provide school with potential donors and allow networking amongst alumni;
    • eLibrary: facilitates creating books, reserve & pick-up and returning of books from the library;
    • Services: facilitates reserving & pick-up and returning of items such as graduation gowns etc;


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Success Stories

Over 10 schools implemented. Contact us via email: or phone: 0816 491 3557; 0803 531 6370 for references.