Sample Process


Add Grades

School create grades A, B, C etc and assign the range of percentage score for each grade, as well as indicate the lowest score or grade that equals failure.

Add Assessment Categories

Schools also create Assessment Categories (Assignment, Exam, Test etc) and assign associated percentage weight.

Create Assessment

Teachers will then create an Assessment with the relevant Assessment Category, Classroom, Subject and Education Period within the Grade Book and Add Assessment Marks for each student.

The teacher can add as many assessments as he likes for each assessment category but all assessments within an assessment category would aggregate to the assigned percentage in the report card

Add Assessment Mark:

Teacher is able to update assessment mark or score for each student.


Grading Workflow:

  • Subject Teacher or Instructor Grades and comments
  • Class Teacher or HOD Reviews & Comments
  • Head Teacher or Admin or Senate Approves & Release
Success Stories

Over 10 schools implemented. Contact us via email: or phone: 0816 491 3557; 0803 531 6370 for references.